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In my case, I can only enthusiastically report that I have never met such competent people in my life who have such a positive attitude towards people. My diagnosis was assessed conscientiously and meticulously under time pressure in order to then offer me a hope-giving treatment perspective, which in retrospect has helped me a lot. Otherwise I would have been at the mercy of the worst consequences. I can only praise the entire Cyberknife team, from doctors to highly specialized specialists and administrative staff, for their high level of competence, courage in approaching difficult cases and the interpersonal competence (ability to empathize) that is rarely seen in this way. Every single person and their ability or commitment would only be found in this society with immense effort. In the Cyberknife Center Soest you will find a whole herd of these exceptional people. As far as the entire Klinikum Soest is concerned, with which I had little contact apart from a few excerpts (radiology), something similar is reflected. Nice that there are still such incredible healing places.