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Precise radiation on point

Welcome to the website of the CyberKnife® Center Soest.
We have specialized in precise radiation and treatment with the robot-guided and high-precision CyberKnife® technology and always do our best for all patients and their health.
Hopefully our info page can answer as many of your questions as possible. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Most advanced technology

The CyberKnife robots are part of high medical technology and enable gentle and precise treatment.

Professionals with a lot of experience

You deserve the best specialists. That’s why we work with many well-known doctors and specialists and are always up to date.

Customized for the patient

Every patient is unique. In order to be able to customize your treatment, we work as a
team close together.

Outpatient solution

The radiosurgical treatment with CyberKnife® enables outpatient treatment to maintain and improve your quality of life.

Best networking

Our international network enables our specialists and staff to always be at the cutting edge of technology and medicine.

Service with a conscience

We have made it our mission to stand by your side. In cooperation with your referring doctors, we develop a treatment strategy to give you the best possible to provide comfortable treatment.

For patience

As a patient, you must have many questions. We’ll do our best to answer them here as best we can. That is why we have not only put together an FAQ for you, but also a direct information page for you as a patient. There you will learn more about the treatment, its options and also more about the clinic and the outpatient option.

Experiences of our patients


Incredible. The team from reception to Dr. Ernst and Dr. teaching
Without them I probably wouldn’t be here anymore.
Thank you thank you thank you

Kai B.

From the first contact to the consultation, from the treatment to the regular follow-up appointments, from 2012 to today, everything has always been to my complete satisfaction, especially the competent advice from Dr. Lehrke helped me a lot with my illness. Most importantly, the Cyberknife treatment has been successful so far

Stefan B.

My wife was very happy. Especially about the very, very friendly staff and doctors.
Unfortunately that is so rare.

Peter M.

In my case, I can only enthusiastically report that I have never met such competent people in my life who have such a positive attitude towards people. My diagnosis was assessed conscientiously and meticulously under time pressure in order to then offer me a hope-giving treatment perspective, which in retrospect has helped me a lot. Otherwise I would have been at the mercy of the worst consequences. I can only praise the entire Cyberknife team, from doctors to highly specialized specialists and administrative staff, for their high level of competence, courage in approaching difficult cases and the interpersonal competence (ability to empathize) that is rarely seen in this way. Every single person and their ability or commitment would only be found in this society with immense effort. In the Cyberknife Center Soest you will find a whole herd of these exceptional people. As far as the entire Klinikum Soest is concerned, with which I had little contact apart from a few excerpts (radiology), something similar is reflected. Nice that there are still such incredible healing places.


I was back at the Cyberknife Soest in February 2021 with suspected lung cancer/metastases. Unfortunately, it was not possible to get a room in the hospital under corona conditions and unfortunately I had to go to a hotel. Unfortunately, because the clinic is great. I was there for the first time in 2017 because of my lung metastases, in 2018 again for radiation with Cyberknife, then it was quiet until 2021. I have the competence of Dr. Seriously appreciated, the patience and calm of the Cyberknife team is an island of refuge for agitated cancer patients. Very good food, clean and ultra-modern rooms, super-friendly staff, the friendliness of the doctors all top notch. I would go to this clinic again and again (from Bremen!!). This time too, the metastases have disappeared and I hope for a very long time. If it weren’t for the Cyberknife, I would have suffocated long ago and would no longer be alive. Thank you, dear clinic and staff, for the high quality of life over the past 4 years thanks to a fatal illness.

Marion D.

Ich war mit Verdacht auf Lungenkrebs/Metastasen im Februar 2021 wieder Mal im Cyberknife Soest. Leider war es unter Coronabedingungen nicht möglich ein Zimmer im Krankenhaus zu bekommen und ich musste leider in ein Hotel. Leider, weil das Klinikum große Klasse ist. 2017 war ich zum ersten Mal da, wegen meiner Lungenmetastasen, 2018 nochmals zur Bestrahlung mit Cyberknife, dann war erst mal bis 2021 Ruhe. Ich habe die Kompetenz von Frau Dr. Ernst sehr geschätzt, die Geduld und Ruhe des Cyberknife Teams sind eine Insel der Zuflucht für aufgeregte Krebspatienten. Sehr gutes Essen, saubere und hochmoderne Zimmer, superfreundliches Personal, die Freundlichkeit der Ärzte alles erste Sahne. Ich würde immer wieder in diese Klinik fahren (aus Bremen!!).Auch diese Mal sind die Metastasen verschwunden und ich hoffe ,für sehr lange Zeit. Gäbe es den Cyberknife nicht, wäre ich schon lange erstickt und würde nicht mehr leben. Danke, liebe Klinik und Personal für die schon 4 Jahre lange hohe Lebensqualität Undanks einer tödlichen Krankheit.

Marion D.

In meinem Fall kann ich nur begeistert berichten, dass ich in meinem Leben noch nicht auf so kompetente, dem Menschen so positiv zugewandte Personen getroffen bin. Unter Zeitdruck wurde meine Diagnose gewissenhaft und akribisch beurteilt, um mir dann eine hoffnungsspendende Behandlungsperspektive anzubieten, die mir jetzt im Rückblick sehr geholfen hat. Ich wäre sonst schlimmsten Konsequenzen ausgeliefert gewesen. Ich kann nur in Bezug auf das gesamte Cyberknife Team, von Ärzten bis zum hochspezifischen Fachpersonal und Verwaltungspersonal, die hohe Kompetenz, Courage an schwierige Fälle heranzugehen und die selten so erlebte zwischenmenschliche Kompetenz (Empathiefähigkeit) loben. Jeder einzelne Mensch und dessen Können bzw. Engagement würde in dieser Gesellschaft nur mit immensem Aufwand zu finden sein. Im Cyberknife Zentrum Soest findet man gleich eine ganze Herde dieser Ausnahmemenschen. Was das gesamte Klinikum Soest angeht, mit dem ich bis auf ein paar Ausschnitte (Radiologie) wenig Kontakte hatte, spiegelt sich ähnliches wider. Schön, dass es noch solche unglaublichen Heilungsorte gibt.


Meine Frau war sehr zufrieden. Besonders über das sehr,  sehr freundliche Personal und Ärzte.
Das gibt es leider so selten.

Peter M.

Vom Erstkontakt bis zum Beratungsgespräch, von der Behandlung bis zu den regelmäßigen Nachsorgeterminen, von 2012 bis heute, war alles stets zu meiner vollsten Zufriedenheit, besonders die kompetente Beratung durch Dr. Lehrke hat mir bei meiner Erkrankung sehr geholfen. Am wichtigsten jedoch ist, dass die Behandlung mit dem Cyberknife bisher erfolgreich war

Stefan B.

Unglaublich. Das Team vom Empfang bis hin zu Frau Dr. Ernst und Herr Dr. Lehrke.
Ohne die wäre ich wohl nicht mehr hier.
Danke, danke, danke

Kai B.

Our Cyberknife Center Soest

You will find our CyberKnife Center right in the heart of NRW in Soest. Soest is the district town of the district of the same name in the administrative district of Arnsberg, directly between Dortmund and Paderborn. It is the first hospital facility in Germany that could offer this new radiation therapy for cancer patients. We will be happy to welcome you there and would like to offer you not just one, but the best treatment.

Our partners

Very good networking is essential. We would like to thank our partners who make this possible for us and who always pull together with us for you.
We have listed a small excerpt of our partners here.

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