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The treatment of liver diseases, especially primary hepatocellular carcinoma and liver metastases, requires advanced and precise therapy options. The CyberKnife® center in Soest offers an innovative solution for patients suffering from liver diseases. In this article you will learn more about the advantages of CyberKnife® technology in the treatment of liver diseases and why Zentrum Soest plays a leading role in this area.

Brain diseases

A large number of benign and malignant brain tumors can be treated with the CyberKnife® technology.

Lung diseases

Small and well-defined lung tumors can be treated non-invasively with single-stage radiosurgery

Spinal diseases

Benign and malignant spinal tumors represent a suitable indication for CyberKnife® treatment.

Lymph node disease

In certain locations, individual lymph node metastases can be treated with the CyberKnife® technology.

Liver disease

Liver metastases and hepatocellular carcinomas have been successfully treated with the CyberKnife® method for years.

Pancreatic disease

The CyberKnife® method is a low-risk and gentle treatment alternative for pancreatic tumors.

Renal disease

As an alternative to surgery, renal cell carcinomas can be successfully removed using CyberKnife® treatment.

Prostae disease

As an alternative to surgery or conventional radiation, certain prostate carcinomas can be treated well with the Cyberknife method.

Bone metastasis

In advanced stages of the disease, CyberKnife® treatment is a safe option for pain relief in bone metastases.

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