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CyberKnife® technology has triggered a revolution in the medical world in recent years. It has proven to be extremely effective, especially in the treatment of lung diseases. This page will give you a little insight into the treatment of lung diseases with CyberKnife® and explain the advantages of this innovative technology.

Indications Lung diseases
• Small cell lung cancer
• non-small cell lung cancer
• Lung metastases


Treatment of lung diseases with CyberKnife®

CyberKnife® technology offers a promising alternative to conventional radiation therapy and surgical removal of lung tumors. It is particularly suitable for patients who are ineligible for surgery or who are at high risk. Both malignant and benign lung tumors can be treated with CyberKnife®. After individual assessment, it is possible to treat T1 and T2 lung tumors without lymph node metastases.
precision and accuracy
The greatest benefit of CyberKnife®technology is its precision and accuracy. Even if the patient moves during treatment, the system can track the tumor in real time and adjust its position. The surrounding tissue is spared and the therapy is precisely tailored to the tumor.

The advantages

Non-invasive treatment

In contrast to conventional surgical removal of lung tumors or lymph node metastases, treatment with CyberKnife® is non-invasive. No incisions or scars are needed, resulting in faster recovery time and reduced risk of complications. Patients can usually go home and go about their normal activities the same day.

Less side effects

The CyberKnife® treatment of lung diseases has fewer side effects compared to conventional radiation therapy. The precise alignment of the beam beam significantly reduces the risk of damage to surrounding organs and tissues. As a result, patients can benefit from a higher quality of life during and after treatment.

More questions?

Clinical Efficacy

Studies have shown that treating lung diseases with CyberKnife® is extremely effective. Precise radiation therapy can kill tumor cells or stop them from growing. Success rates are comparable to those of traditional surgical removal of tumors, especially for lung cancers that are detected early.

Future developments and research

CyberKnife® technology is constantly evolving and research is focused on improving the treatment options for lung diseases. New techniques such as using immunotherapy in combination with CyberKnife® are showing promising results and could further improve patient outcomes.


Treating lung disease with CyberKnife® is a revolutionary option for patients suffering from lung tumors. With its precision, accuracy and non-invasiveness, CyberKnife® technology offers a promising alternative to traditional surgical tumor removal and radiation therapy. The continuous development of this technology promises even better treatment and quality of life for patients with lung diseases in the future.

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