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The method

Everything about the treatment

Our goal?
The gentle and timely treatment

The radiological and robot-controlled treatment with CyberKnife® offers us precise and pinpoint radiation of the tumor and also metastases. To date we have had very good success and are proud of it. The treatment is prompt and gentle and
we will also accompany you in the post-treatment phase.

Peculiarities of CyberKnife

The CyberKnife® technology enables above-average treatment success. In addition, it enables us to provide outpatient treatment, which enables you to quickly return to active life. The CyberKnife® system includes three innovative medical high technologies. This means that irregularly shaped tumors or even sensitive brain regions can be treated without damage. Further questions about the treatment and more can be found under our FAQs.

The Treatment Benefits

The treatment with CyberKnife® is very gentle due to its high-precision and pinpoint radiation, in contrast to other technologies, as it does not damage the surrounding organs and tissue. No general anesthesia, no surgery, no fixation and no head frame is necessary. In addition, it enables a short treatment time and all this on an outpatient basis. So you have the opportunity to continue your everyday life without restrictions. The success rate is very high and side effects are unlikely. Should further tumors or metastases form, several treatments are possible with just as great lasting success. Among other things, the following can be treated:

• Brain disorders
• Lymph nodes
• liver disease
• Lung diseases
• Kidney disease
• Prostate diseases
• Spine/spinal cord disorders

The technology

The CyberKnife® technology encompasses three areas of innovative medical development. Which enable high-precision and pinpoint irradiation. The precision robotics, a compact linear accelerator and the online image control with the possibility of breathing compensation.
By coordinating these systems with the image location system, the beams are directed to the target with the greatest precision.

The linear accelerator

The core is the linear accelerator, which is mounted on a six-axis industrial robot from KUKA. In this way, the irradiation head can be flexibly controlled.

Continuous image-supported position control

The image location system consists of X-ray tubes mounted on the ceiling and image detectors embedded in the floor. These are facing each other at a 90 degree angle.

respiration compensation

With respiratory compensation, the movement of the tumor can be compensated. For this purpose, LEDs are attached to the upper body, whose movement is recorded by a camera during the entire irradiation. The surrounding tissue is protected as much as possible.

From the first conversation to the last treatment

If there is an indication for treatment with the CyberKnife®, we will invite you to a personal consultation on site. In a conversation with one of our doctors, you will find out what your personal treatment plan could look like and will be informed about the further procedure. If you agree to the procedure, a so-called planning CT will be carried out before the first radiation. You will be positioned comfortably and comfortably on our treatment table, just as you should lie for the radiation treatments. It takes a few days from the planning CT to the first radiation. During this time, our team of physicists and doctors will draw up an individual radiation plan for you. During the radiation session, you lie on a special treatment table that is connected to the CyberKnife® system. The robotic arm of the CyberKnife® system moves precisely around you to direct the beam of radiation at the tumor from different angles. As a rule, no pain is felt during the treatment. After the treatment, you can carry on with your everyday life as normal.

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